Monday, 8 August 2016

Designer Crafts on The Mall 2016

The following work can be seen at the Designer Crafts on the Mall (London) exhibition from 12 to 21 August 2016.

I am using various traditional gold and silversmithing techniques such as raising, forging, chasing, wax modelling, using PMC silver clay, casting, engraving, keum boo, etc.
However not only all the items are hand fabricated in my workshop in London but I do many finishing operations such as stone setting, goldplating and polishing myself. The concept of creating and completely finishing the object is very important for me. It is a continuation of a medieval tradition where a single person could achieve high results practising all specialities in a natural way.
Welcome to the exhibition!

Bangle "Southern night". Sterling silver, sapphire slab, accent green sapphires, gold plated.

Bangle "Amber leaf". Sterling silver and amber.

Glass container "Pearly". Steling silver lid and pearl. Other lid designs and spoons available.

Brooch "Opal tree". Sterling silver, emeralds, rubies.

Necklace "Blue coral". Sterling silver. Australian boulder opals, green sapphires, rubies.

Pendant "Medieval jewelled cross", Sterling silver, gold plating, garnets, pearl and moonstones.

Earrings "Lucky monkey".  Carved jade, rubies in 18k settings. Pendant avalable.

Pendant/Brooch "Blue coral". Sterling silver, Australian boulder opal, topaz, emerald, rubies.

Earrings and pendant "Amber leaf". Sterling silver and amber.

Sugar spoon "Three blind mice". Sterling silver.

Objet d'art "Bull and the flower".

Earrings "Sunny lace". Sterling silver, carved citrine and peridot.

Ring "Moroccan motives". Sterling silver, turqoise. Necklace available.

Ring "Little pearl in lapis". Sterling silver.

Ring "Rainbow". Sterling silver, rainbow moonstone.

Pendant from "Golden leaves" series. 9k gold, emerald.

Ring "Deep sea". Sterling silver, gold plating, blue tourmaline.

Brooch "Queen of fish". Sterling silver, tsavorite, pearl, gold plating.

Bangle "Elegance in labradorite". Sterling silver, blue topaz.

Pendant "Rising dragon with his treasure". Sterling silver, tsavorite, boulder opal.

Monday, 28 March 2016


Easter egg


 Salt cellar with lid

Fish dish

Lily cup and frog saucer

Coffee spoon

Harry and Joshua's spoons


Emerald ribbon ring

Blister pearl medusa brooch

Sea opal brooch

Emerald lizard

Opal angel

Opal tropical fish

Green opal ring

Lily diamond ring

Precious cricket

Opal bead necklace

Emeralds and rubies on opal tree

Emerald leaf earrings